Friday, April 30, 2010

Spacebridge gamma planned for Saturday 2010-05-01

Spacebridge is planning the next launch for this Saturday, May 1st 2010.The plan is to launch from Tracy, CA again.
The planned launch payloads consists of:
The up-facing A700 is to see what nature of light we can get at altitude. I think it would be awesome if we could get some good shots of stars, but I don't expect that. I am hoping to get interesting information on how long an exposure takes when aimed at the sky when there is hardly any atmosphere in the way.

There may be more, but that's as much as I know at this point.
I will keep you all updated and post the photographic & kml gps data

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yuri's Night 2010 at NASA

The Spacebridge project has been invited to present at the Exhibition of Space portion of the Yuri's night celebration at the NASA Ames Research Center near Mountain View (California).
The plan is to fill a balloon, tether it to three points on the ground with paracord and float a payload above our display.
The payload will consist of:
1) A USB Webcam
2) A Canon IS1100 camera taking still shots on an interval
3) Maybe other random electronic junk

We will also have a booth setup where we will be displaying a slide show of images from the first successful Spacebridge launch.

The schedule is as follows:

0800-0830 - setup "booth" and inflate balloon
0800-0900 - inspection of exhibits
0900-1500 - Education day exhibitor hours.

0800-1000 - setup of Saturday exhibitions
1100-1200 - inspection of Saturday only exhibitions
1200-2100 - festival exhibition hours
2100-2400 - festival/party & exhibit tear down by hand

0900-1600 - tear down & load out.

If anyone out there in internet land is planning on going to Yuri's night at NASA, come on out and say hi.

Yuri's Night:
2010 Event at NASA Ames Research Center: