Thursday, July 30, 2009

What, Why, How, When

For such an awesome project you must be interested, so here you go.

What: Sending a Canon Digital Camera, a cell-phone GPS tracking device and a parachute deep into the sky propelled by a weather balloon. The camera is equipped with the CHDK running a script that will take one picture every few seconds until the memory card fills up, or the batteries die.

Why: 'Cause it'd be really cool to do. Also see previous post about the mission.

How: As I mentioned earlier, zip-tying a small pile of off-the-shelf electronics to a balloon.

When: The launch date is currently scheduled for August 15th 2009 to be launched from Los Banos, CA.

Bonus question: Why Los Banos?
Due to the shape of California's central valley and the possible drift the balloon will experience. The worst case scenario the balloon will drift fifty miles. There are no major towns within an eighty mile radius of Los Banos. If the balloon lands in some farmer's field, we can just pop in and get it.

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