Friday, January 29, 2010

Second Launch

Well, we promised a launch in October but we didn't end up launching until November. Nothing was posted about it because it was a total failure.

The day we launched was super windy, but we tried it anyways -- this was a mistake.
We also tried to save money by buying less helium, but that was also a FAIL.

We filled the balloon with as much helium as we bought and it was only slightly lighter than neutrally buoyant but we went for it anyway. We let the balloon go, and it immediately went into a nearby tree. I climbed up after it, cut it down and jumped out of the tree. Unfortunately when I landed, one foot went into a bush, the other landed perfectly on the ground.
Two and a half months later, physical therapy is over and I can walk again. I tore many ligaments in my foot/ankle and I hairline fractured my leg.

Hopefully we can try for our third launch soon. Now its just a matter of scraping together enough cash to buy a balloon and some more helium.

If you, or someone you know, would like to donate large quantities of helium to our project, we'll stick your name on the side of our camera. You can even come launch with us. Just contact us through this website.

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