Monday, February 8, 2010

Noisebridge successfully launches And Recovers Spacebridge Alpha.

After two launches and total success having eluded us, we teamed up with the hackers from Noisebridge to assist in the launch of their project Spacebridge Alpha.
This proved to be quite the excellent merger of talents. They had been geeking-out on the positional tracking and long-range communication parts of their project but had little experience with successfully deploying a payload and seemed to lack photographic expertise. Luckily, that's what we had gotten right; where our flights had come short is what they excelled at -- we were experiencing synergy in action.
So we donated what we had, a hacked camera, parachute and anecdotal experience, and joined them for the launch. Below are pictures from the launch, photos from the flight and the on-board video. We do still plan to pursue our own space program, but for the time being, our two groups have merged.

Here are the images from the flight:

And the video of the launch:

Special thanks to our sponsor!

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